Why a Healthy Differential is Essential

Every four-wheel drive owner needs to pay attention to their vehicle's differential. This important gearbox needs regular fluid replacements to work right. A lack of fluid can lead to costly repairs due to the resulting metal on metal contact.

Important Facts About Differentials

The differential's main purpose is to receive the torque generated by the engine and pass it to the wheel axle. As a distributor of power, the differential allows wheels to spin at different speeds depending on the circumstances. This is why it is a central component of all-wheel-drive or four-wheel drive vehicles.

How to Service the Differential

Your vehicle will not work if the differential is damaged. You can avoid this by adhering to scheduled maintenance. Your vehicle needs to maintain proper differential fluid levels to prevent gear damage. This fluid reduces the friction between moving gears, and keeps the box's temperature in check.

Getting Help With Maintenance

If you are hearing strange noises while driving, you need to get your vehicle checked out. The differential might be the culprit. Contact Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group for a service check-up as soon as possible.
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