The Importance of a Transfer Case in 4x4 Vehicles

If you currently use an all-wheel or four-wheel vehicle, it's important to understand how your car's transfer case works. There are different types of transfer cases for different configurations of all-wheel drive vehicles. The transfer case is essentially the catalyst that makes your car's AWD action happen.

The transfer case is responsible for actually sending power to each of your car's wheels when you need that extra boost in speed and handling. The engine sends some of its energy to the transfer case which then moves it to the front and rear axles of your vehicle. Your car's transfer case may use a system of chains, gears or hydraulics to operate.

It's important for transfer cases to be in working order so your car maintains peak functionality in adverse conditions. If you have any questions about how your transfer case works, the experts at Jeff D'Ambrosio Auto Group can examine yours, let you know what type it is and what steps you should take to care for it.

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